Yep, we're still painting trim

Wow everybody!  I’m still smiling over here from all your thoughtful comments on my credenza makeover yesterday.   A few of you mentioned you liked the sunburst mirror above the credenza.  I actually made that myself, after seeing the tutorial around blogland.  You can see all the details on the mirror here.

Today’s little before and after has to do with the fact that we live in an 80s ranch-style house and every piece of trim in it was dark wood when we moved in.  I’m slowly painting it all white (the Youngsters have me 100% beat in terms of speed), and recently I started tackling our hallway.

Here’s a trip down memory lane to remind you what our hallway looked like the day we bought Heardmont.

Our washer and dryer flooded, so we ripped up that carpet.  We scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, painted it, and replaced the light fixtures.  Then one evening while Mr. Heard was away, I painted the concrete brown as a temporary solution to our lack of flooring.

We were getting there, but that wood trim all the way down the hall still bugged me.  After taking Stephen’s advice, I decided to start small so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed.  I chose to start priming the first door you see on the left (furnace) and the cabinet-style door on the right (water heater).

Here’s a close up of that water heater door.  You might recognize those lovely gothic door handles as the same ones we removed when we painted our kitchen cabinets!

I removed the handles and filled in the holes with wood filler.  There is really no reason for this cabinet door to have handles at all, so we left them off.

After a quick sand, I started to prime.  Here’s a look at the water heater door primed and ready to be painted.

And here’s the door to our furnace, minus the doorknob which will be getting this treatment.

I’m reserving judgement on the current hallway wall color until after I see the final glossy white coat on all the doors, but I can tell you right now this hallway looks twice as wide as it did before!

I see lots of KILZ primer, silicone caulk, and semi-gloss paint in my future, but I know it will be worth it in the end.  Thanks for reading!

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