Wire Word Art

Happy Monday everybody!  Stephen and I are back from a weekend in Little Rock, celebrating our nephew’s 3rd birthday.  We also had a few hours on Saturday to spend shopping for art and antiques with my MIL and had a great time.

Speaking of art, last week we talked about wanting to fill a blank wall in our bedroom with something meaningful.  After sharing lots of inspiration images from Pinterest, these two really got my wheels turning.

By sheer coincidence, I’d just brought all of my old wire and beading supplies back from Mountain Home a few weeks ago, so I got started DIYing my own version of the wire word art with some needle-nose pliers and floral wire (22 Gauge, in case you’re wondering).

Wire Art Supplies

As you’ll see, the phrase I chose for our art was significantly longer than the word “Love,” so I thought it might be nice to be able to frame it down the line.  I pulled out an old frame with a 11×14″ mat to use as a guide to keep my lettering to the right size.

Sample Size

I started twisting and crimping the wire into cursive letters – some twisting was done by hand, and some required the pliers to make it nice and crisp.  You can see how my first line fit within the borders of the mat.  Any guesses as to what my phrase would end up being?

1 Line Done

I ended up making 3 lines of cursive text, just eyeballing the letters as I went.  Here’s the second line, added below the first.

2 Lines Done

And here you can see the complete phrase.  This whole project took probably 2 hours of So You Think You Can Dance watching and wire twisting!  Not bad!

3 Lines Done

Why did we choose these lyrics?  The Beach Boys song God Only Knows has been our song since Stephen and I first started dating.

Complete Wire Art

In fact, it was the song we chose for our first dance at our wedding.

First Dance

We still haven’t decided if we’ll hang this wire art on the wall we were talking about last week, but it will definitely find a home in our master bedroom after some painting, matting, and framing.

Complete Wire Art

What do you think of my floral wire creation?   Did you take on any craft projects this weekend?

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