What's the deal, Big Lots?

 Dear Big Lots,

You have disappointed me.  I have long been impressed by your prices, and lately you’ve become my secret back-up place to find trendy things on the cheap.  I’ve come to you for fun yellow bowls and flowery candleholders, for cute white vases and $19 area rugs. 

But yesterday was a different story.  Yesterday I saw this:

You threw me for a loop, Big Lots.  One look at this adorable modern ottoman and I was hooked.  I was so excited, picturing this at the foot of our bed in our master bedroom, that I even texted a picture to Stephen and said “I’m in love!” 

Then I saw the price tag.  $199.  One hundred and 99 dollars?!  I was expecting $50 or $80.  You know, like the prices on everything else in your store.  Heck, you sell cute chairs for $99, but an ottoman goes for twice that much? 

What’s the deal, Big Lots?  You built me up with your low, low prices and then you let me down.  My ottoman-loving heart is officially broken.


Girl on a Budget

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