What a Steal: Man Room Lamps

I am a huge fan of putting every room in the house to good use, so my husband and I recently divvied up our 2 spare bedrooms – he got one for his “man room” and I’m using the official guest bedroom as a craft room.  Stephen has been really getting after that man room, ripping up carpet, organizing, and generally cleaning up the place.  While the room is far from being called complete, I did help it along last week with the addition of 2 of these lamps!


All along, Stephen has wanted less harsh lighting than what comes from the light on his ceiling fan, but he didn’t want us to spend a lot on lamps.  Well, it just so happens I was in TJ Maxx on Thursday and came across 2 of these smoky gray glass beauties on the clearance shelf.  They were originally $79.99, marked down to $49.00 when they first entered the store.  I’ve had my eye on them for a while now, but I refrained from buying them, even as the price fell to $30.00 and then to $20.00.  When I checked the tag on Thursday, though, I couldn’t believe my luck!


FIVE DOLLARS!  Are you kidding me?!  You could spend three times that much on the shade alone! Needless to say, I grabbed two of them like I was a mama bear protecting her cubs and high-tailed it to the checkout counter.  Best of all, Stephen likes them (and their price) as much as I do!

I’d show you a picture of them in their new home, but I don’t want to ruin the man room reveal.  Stay tuned!

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