What a Steal: Halloween Lanterns

Stephen and I have been on a tight budget lately.  We’ve been trying to spend less in general, but more recently spending less has meant we’ll have it in the budget to afford our birthdays (September and October), our parents’ birthdays (one in October and 2 in November), our anniversary (November) and Christmas (yikes!).

Of course all that “being good” business can get tossed out the window with a trip to one of my favorite thrifty spots, Gordmans, and a 50% off clearance sale.  Enter this little guy…


Actually, enter this little guy and his 2 brothers.  I am CRAZY about these 11″ tall metal lanterns, and you won’t even believe the price on them.  The clearance sticker said $8, but after the 50% off sale, the three of them only set us back a total of $12!  Score!

The best part is they can serve double duty.  While I purchased them with Halloween in mind – pop in some orange pillar candles and they’ll really set the mood at our Halloween party – they’re so versatile that  all we have to do is change the color of the candles and they’ll be ready for other seasons.  I’m even considering spray painting them fun colors and making them a permanent part of our decor after the Halloween debut.

So in the end, I didn’t really end up being that “bad” after all, but I did score some kick-booty lanterns.  Have any of you gotten some unbelievable bargains lately that you want to share?  Don’t be shy!

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