We’ll Run Away Together

It sounds like the flooding we’re having in Arkansas and Missouri has made it to the national news.  After a mostly rain-free day yesterday, this morning started off with rain, lightning, and flickering power.

I wanted to share a video Stephen took of a creek by our house on Monday afternoon. This creek borders a path where we take Molly for walks.  If it’s warm at all outside, one of her favorite things to do is go down to the creek and splash around (those labs love water!).  It’s typically 5-8 feet wide where we shot the video and less than a foot deep.  I’ll let you see for yourself how much the creek has changed due to all the rain we’ve gotten!

All this nasty weather has us dreaming of escaping to somewhere far, far away (hence the Weezer-inspired title).  I was playing around with Polyvore, a tool that lets you create fashion and home decor mood boards, recently and came up with two outfits for the classy traveler.  One for him and one for her!

Rag Bone knit top
$220 – barneys.com

Forever21 skinny leg jeans
$25 – forever21.com

VANELi bow shoes
$117 – zappos.com

$19 – amazon.com



Is the weather pretty in your part of the country or have you been dreaming of a little holiday escape?

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