Welcome to the Pouf-A-Long!


Whoo hoo everybody!  The Pouf-A-Long has arrived!

After lots of procrastination and a failed first attempt, I’m happy to say I’ve successfully created my very own pouf for our living room.

Pouf Done
I wanted to get creative, but in the end the BHG pattern was too easy to pass up. I made a few changes as I went along but definitely used the pattern shape and tips to finish it off.

The only major change I made right off the bat was to cut the Better Homes and Gardens pattern about 1/2″ smaller all the way around.  I didn’t want a behemoth pouf in our living room, and I was happy with the medium-sized one we ended up with.

Modifying Pattern

The other change I made was not adding lining to the pouf.  I used a canvas drop cloth as my outer fabric and thought it was stiff enough on its own without having to waste time on lining.

Pattern Tracing

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing exactly what I used to stuff this thing.  I took the advice of the BHG tutorial and used items we had laying around as stuffing. Procrastination paid off this time when I came across a bag of clothes I’d been meaning to take to Goodwill for weeks!

Our pouf was eventually stuffed with a pair of jeans, 3 sweaters, 3 dress shirts, 1 skirt, 2 throw pillows, 1/2 a bag of fiberfill and about 1 yard of batting (leftover from our headboard).


One way I tried to make the pouf as smooth as possible was by cutting 8 strips of batting and shoving them down along the outside edges after the pouf was mostly stuffed.  This helped tremendously, but you can see the pouf is still far from perfect!

Batting Idea Stuffed

I think my favorite part of this whole project was making the medallion for the top of the pouf.  Using iron-on hem tape was a great way to make the edges of the medallion super crisp!

Pouf Top View

I still want to add the decorative stitching around the edges of the pouf for contrast.  Now that it’s found a home in our living room, I’m thinking a pretty blue, tan, chocolate, or even orange? might be the perfect accent color to use.

Pouf Done

Pouf Closeup 2 Pouf Done

I brought out a tray to see if the pouf could double as a little coffee table for this loveseat, and I’m happy to report the tray made the pouf very stable.  Perfect for setting down a drink or snack at a party.

Loveseat_After P1090407

Living Room Right

A corner that once looked like this… has been lightened up for good!

Loveseat_Before Loveseat_After

So what do you think? Have you made your own pouf? Then it’s time to party!

Here’s how you can join us:

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Party on!


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