Weekend Yard Work

Hi Everybody!

Did you enjoy your weekend? It seemed like everyone and their dog was outside doing yard work this weekend, and the weather was perfect for it!  We took advantage of the sunshine and great temps by starting to clear out the forest at the front half of our lot.  After two days of raking, chopping, weeding, and wood chipping, here’s what we had to show for our work.

I’m currently in a battle of wills with our city yard waste department over whether they will or will not take our bagged and bundled yard waste. One side tells me there’s a limit of 10 bags per pickup and the other says there’s absolutely no limit. As far as I’m concerned, we pay for this service so the bags darn well better get picked up soon! 🙂

I’m looking forward to showing you the changes we’ve made to our yard recently.  It looks quite a bit different than the day we closed on our house almost exactly 3 years ago.

Were you one of the millions of homeowners bringing your yard back to life this weekend?  How did it go?

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