Wall Color Tweaking

We anticipated one or more of our wall colors clashing with the color of our new floors, and whaddaya know, the dining room and kitchen were our winners.

Dining Floors

Kitchen Floors

Trim Added

The brown-on-brown look isn’t our favorite, so we’re thinking about keeping it neutral and going gray or taupe in these rooms.  I like the idea of having a lighter shade in the kitchen, so maybe we’ll choose a wall color along these lines (via Young House Love).

We’ve also come to love dark gray walls around these parts (see Stephen’s office and our master bath, for example). In the dining room, we could use the same hue as we’ve used before (Valspar’s Mountain Smoke), which I think would look something like this.  I love the gold accents!

(via Small Shop)

Or we might head a little more taupe-y, like the color of this living room (also from Restored Style, featured on Young House Love).

As a side note, we have that map and are looking for the perfect place to hang it.  Maybe it will end up in the dining room since we know now it works with this wall color!

I’m nervous even thinking about opening a can of paint over our new floors, but we’ll have to do it sooner or later.  What do you think of our new color direction?  Are there other wall colors you think we should consider?

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