Vintage Typewriter Cart: The Before

I realized it’s been awhile since we’ve shared a furniture redo here at Welcome to Heardmont, but that’s about to change. We’ve had this vintage typewriter cart in our garage for about a year now (scored for 10 bucks at a thrift store), and the time has come to give this cart a makeover and a more prominent place in our home.

Type Cart Down Side Type Cart

I realize some people would probably leave this cart ‘as is’ to give a collected vintage vibe to a room, but I think it needs a good cleaning and new coat of paint.

Type Cart Up

The top is especially worn, but we’ve got big plans to make this piece shine.

Top Type Cart Up

I can definitely say there will be spray paint involved in this makeover.  Any guesses on color?  Here’s a hint: this table will bring our guest bedroom one step closer to done!

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