Vintage Typewriter Cart: After

Remember the vintage typewriter cart I showed you a couple weeks ago?  I finally got around to giving it a facelift the other day, and the process couldn’t have been easier.

Type Cart Down Side Type Cart

I originally thought I’d have to tape over the caster wheels to keep them from getting painted, but it turns out they popped right off!  I just set them aside and started painting.

Remove wheels

All along we’d planned on using the cart as a nightstand in our guest bedroom.  It was the perfect size for the spot we’d picked out, but definitely not the right color.  What color did we choose?

Green!  We picked up a can of dark green spray paint by Rustoleum, laid out a drop cloth and got to work.

Painted Bottom

I always start by spray painting the bottom of a piece of furniture because sometimes I get impatient and flip the piece over before the paint is 100% dry. It’s much easier to hide flaws in paint created when turning a piece of furniture over if you leave the top surface for last!

Painted Top

I let the paint dry really well before bringing this cart inside. Once it was dry, we put the wheels back on and rolled it down the hall into our guest bedroom.

New Nightstand After

The verdict? I was surprised by how much darker the paint color looked once the table was in our guest room.  At first glance, it looks much more teal than green – almost the color of our headboard.  I was originally going for a more grassy green, but I still love how it turned out!

Nightstand from Left Top of Nightstand

The top surface of the cart (with the leaves down) is smaller than a traditional nightstand, but we needed something petite for this corner of the room.  Luckily I have the perfect solution for providing light to this corner without taking up valuable table-top real estate.

Close up

All told this makeover cost about $14 – ten for the cart and four for the paint.  Not bad!

New Nightstand After

So what do you think of our new nightstand?

The Shabby Nest

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