Vintage Printables

Just chillin’ in Mountain Home this weekend, watching the Olympics and checking out the Vintage Printables blog.

If you haven’t visited this site before, you should!  The site is a bit tricky to navigate but full of all kinds of beautiful images, free for you to print for personal use.  Here are a few of my favorites.

(Find this German stamp here)

(Nest-y cuteness here)

(Peek-a-boo found here)

(Turquoise eggs photo here)

I promise it’s not all birds and butterflies.  This site has everything from snowflake geometries to vintage medical diagrams to portraits of people and animals.  Be sure to scour your favorite categories for series of prints that can be used to create mass displays as well.

Take a look at what The DIY Showoff did with a set of 9 botanicals she printed from this site.  What a way to cozy up a room!

Hope you’re all staying warm!  Catch ya on the flipside.

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