Vintage Finds

I was needing a thrifting fix yesterday, so I popped into one of my favorite local vintage stores for half an hour on my lunch break.  I almost thought I was going to make it out the door without opening my wallet, but then of course I spotted this awesome retro clock and had to have it.  It’s a Panasonic clock radio (that still works!) and, with a little cleaning and maybe a coat of paint, I think it will be perfect in our guest room.

This little guy cost $12, and I think he was totally worth it.  Just look at that cute little face. 🙂

Retro Clock

To tell the truth, I’ve had my eye out for a clock like this for a long time, but every clock I’d found before was either broken, wind-up, or made an annoying tick-tick-tick as the seconds passed by.  I knew there had to be a better way to say “enjoy a cozy night’s sleep at Heardmont” than a ticking clock keeping guests up all night.

Retro Panasonic Clock

I was so thrilled when I plugged this clock in at the store and saw the second hand make a nice smooth sweep around the face instead of ticking off the seconds.  Mission accomplished!

Scoring this cute clock reminded me of a couple other items we’ve picked up over the past several months that I haven’t shared with you yet.  First up, this vintage-looking globe I found for 5 bucks.  I’m pretty sure it’s not actually that old, but I love the color scheme and how well it goes with our living room drapes.


You might remember we already own another globe that is currently living in our dining room.  I’d really love to start a little collection to display on our (future) living room built-ins – here’s a little inspiration for that project via Pinterest.

The last item to share is this vintage fan.  It’s about 8″ across the cage portion, and I thought it was a steal at $10, especially since it actually works and is in pretty good condition.

Vintage Fan

I was kind of happy that the metal base of the fan was really beat up when I found it because that gives me the perfect excuse to try a fun new color of spray paint on it!  For inspiration, I pulled up this photo from Sarah Richardson’s portfolio.  The real question is, what color should I paint it?

Have you started any vintage collections of your own lately?  Any great thrift store finds you’d like to share?  We’d love to see what treasures you’ve found!

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