Tree Tweaking

You might remember us showing you our Christmas tree about a week ago.  I called it “done.”  Silly rabbit…

After helping my MIL put up the two trees at her house, I decided ours could use a little pizzaz.  I dug around in my craft closet for a little while and discovered these sticks of ting ting which my mom bought me when we were experimenting with wedding table decor (2+ years ago!).

I separated all the sticks from the bundle (easier said than done – those curly-cues hold on like mad!).

Once I saw how dark the sticks looked up against our tree, I decided to whip out the gold spray paint from this project and gave them all a light coat.

Much better!  Once the sticks were the right color, I broke them off at the right length and arranged them at the top of the tree.  I like how the lighter color doesn’t scream “look at me” but still adds fullness to the top of the tree.

Then I took a step back and looked at the whole tree.  It didn’t take me long to decide that the rest of the tree could use a little more bling.  Remember that gold ribbon I used on our front door wreath and entryway curtains?  Well the other 75 feet of it got wrapped around this bad boy, without an inch to spare.

I used the same technique of sectioning off the ribbon as I did with the mesh ribbon on my MIL’s tree #1 and tree #2 even though I wrapped horizontally on our tree.

You might not have noticed, but I also added some old summer throw pillows under our makeshift tree skirt, al la Centsational Girl.  I love the fullness they add to the bottom of the tree!

So there’s our tree for the year.  I don’t think we’ll be tweaking it anymore… not when we still have about half our Christmas presents left to buy and wrap!  You know that saying “Wrapped and done by December 1?”  This is me rolling my eyes in its general direction!

Tell me I’m not the only one not done with my Christmas shopping! 🙂

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