Tree Trimming with Family: Part I

Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We spent the holiday weekend in Little Rock with my husband’s family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Much of my weekend enjoyment came from chasing around our niece and nephew, seeing our siblings, and trimming not one, but two Christmas trees at my mother-in-law’s house.

You know if the OUTSIDE of the house is this beautiful that the INSIDE won’t disappoint, right? 🙂

Welcome to my in-laws’ dining room.  MIL (Adele) and I spent all morning one day going through family ornaments and decorations and putting together the family tree.  We also set the table with this beautiful red table cloth and gold runner.

The tree was a blast to decorate, mostly because I got to try things I’d never done before.  This was the first time I used the mesh ribbon that is so popular these days, but it was so much fun to use once I got the hang of it!

We stuck with reds and golds on this tree and added those special family ornaments among the colored lights.  Here is a view of the tree at night.

For the tree topper, we used floral piks of colored berries.  They definitely add some fun to the tree!

Adele wired the red ornaments in place on top of the gold mesh using floral wire.  Those babies aren’t going anywhere!  The contrast between the red and the gold is so fun.

Here is one of their special ornaments from over the years.  It’s a ceramic golden retriever for their dog Sadie.

For the tree skirt, we used an oblong plaid tablecloth.  It’s the perfect color combination of red, green, gold and cream.

Another Christmas addition was the hanging red berry wreath.  It was hard to sneak up on this one to get a good photo, but you can see how we hung it with thick gold ribbon from the curtain rod in this picture.

Here’s a close-up as the sun set.  I left the ribbon tails long and threaded them through the wreath to hang down the back.

It was easiest to photograph at night when the sun wasn’t shining in from behind.  On the tray table below, Adele displayed the nutcracker and a few favorite Christmas stories.

This buffet is on the wall opposite the window.  Even this side of the room got some holiday cheer.

A simple Christmas runner along with 2 santa hats brings the buffet into the Christmas spirit.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the fun family tree at my MIL’s house as much as we enjoyed putting it together!   Here is one last view of the dining room, all ready for us to come back at Christmas.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the decorations in her sitting room overlooking the lake.  I won’t ruin the surprise, but get ready for a complete departure from your traditional red and green tree!  See you soon!

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