Thrifty Weekend Finds

Hey everybody.  I hope you haven’t missed us too bad – our laptop is in the shop, but I’m picking it up tonight and I have lots of fun weekend projects to show you!

We spent probably 75% of our waking hours outside this weekend and it was wonderful.  Over the course of 48 hours we managed to go to 1 drive in movie, take several long walks with Molly, go to the Farmer’s Market, visit yard sales and thrift shops galore, look at 3 houses for sale in our neighborhood and 5 for sale around town with our friends Cara and Casey, eat 3 meals outside, and completely wear ourselves out!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our lunch Saturday at the Farmer’s Market.

Saturday morning Stephen and I went thrifting and came home with these goodies:

A Craftsman hand sander and Black & Decker jig saw for $5 each

A vintage drafting table (over 100 years old) for $30

A pair of brass cranes for $6 and a graphic brass tray for $6

Needless to say, I’m already brainstorming up things to do with our new tools.  I had some spraypainting fun this weekend, too, so stay tuned for some before and after pictures.

I also found out today that I didn’t win a contest I entered (The HomeGoods True Blue Challenge) but I wanted to share the photo I entered with you anyway.  I’m lovin’ the transformation in our living room!

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