Thrifty Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everybody!  I am pumped about some amazing bargains I got today, and I wanted to share them with you.  Check out the loot:

Front to back we have 3 8×10 photo frames, 3 5×7 frames, 3 double photo mats for 5x7s, a blue swan, a teal & navy vintage Reader’s Digest book, a mod white vase, and 2 wooden candleholders.  You want to know the best part?  The price.  Guess how much I paid for ALL that you see here?

$20.  TWENTY DOLLARS!  According to the price stickers still on the back of those candleholders, they were originally $9.99 each.  So basically I could have bought the 2 candleholders retail or all of this at my favorite thrift store for the same 20 bucks.  Not bad, eh?

Now to some of you it might not look like much, but let’s take a closer look shall we?

First we have the cute little white vase that looks very much like something you’d see in a modern furniture store.

Cute on its own, but even cuter on top of Stephen’s dresser.  It fits in perfectly with our new master bedroom vibe.

Next up, that Reader’s Digest book.

I loved the pattern on this hardcover cutie the minute I saw it, and at $1 I knew I’d find the perfect home for it.

I love the combination of the pattern on that graphic tray and the pattern on our new book!  By the way, do you recognize that tray?  Maybe this post will refresh your memory as to it’s former brassy glory.  Gotta love spray paint!

Our new blue swan happens to be one of my favorite colors.  I can see it finding a home somewhere in our living room or our bedroom, or even our bathroom – which I happen to know was where it was originally intended to live…

Hand towel anyone?

image via Ebay

Now the rest of my collection from thrifting today might not look like much, but just wait till you see the plans I have for these frames and candleholders.  It will be enough to make you say “Aww!”  But that is a post for another time!

By the way, we’ve been out of town a lot lately, but we’re slowly making progress on our Craigslist Challenge.  We’ve sold 2 of the items we listed (Stephen’s music gear) and I recently added a painting that I just can’t find a spot for in the house.  Anybody interested?

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