There's always another way.

(Quick note:  I’m linking this post to Mantle Mania at The Nesting Place… Yeah, I know it’s not necessarily a post about our mantle, but I’m usin’ what I’ve got, you know?)

So this weekend, I got to thinking… maybe part of the reason I’ve never felt our living room was that cozy had something to do with the furniture arrangement.  To give credit where credit is due, The Nester really put the idea in my head a few weeks ago in her post called “Moving Furniture: The Number One Decorating Fix.”

Regardless, Friday night I got a wild hair and decided to do some scooting.

This is what you would have seen Friday morning when you walked into our living room from the dining room/ entryway area.

Directly across from the tan couch is our monster TV and across from the two slipper chairs was this lovely chocolate brown loveseat.  (Yes, I realize the ottoman is black and the loveseat is brown.  Believe me, this bothers me as much as it bothers you =)

For some reason that big brown loveseat on that short little wall always bothered me.  Even though I thought I’d ruled out the loveseat in front of the window (block all that natural light? no way!) I decided to try it anyway.

Hmmm, I wasn’t sure what to think about that.  Sure was a lot of brown on purple on brown action going on…  I left that for the time being and turned my attention to the slipper chairs.  (Can you tell I’m fiddling with pillow options for these chairs?)

Okay, I think I could get used to this arrangement… There’s definitely more symmetry than before and it doesn’t feel nearly as claustrophobic over here.

Friday and Saturday we left the furniture like this to see how we liked it.  Saturday we had a party to welcome back our friend Casey (Yay Casey!  We’re so glad you’re home!). 

Image slightly altered to protect the innocent 😉

We had a great time, and I was pleased to see the slipper chairs got way more use at our cookout than they had before in front of the window.  I was slowly being won over…

(Psst!  Check out that mantle!  How do you like our straight from the backyard blooms?)

On Sunday afternoon, my $8 lamp re-do was the deciding factor.  A bright pop of turquoise in front of those purple curtains was all I needed to decide I LOVED the new layout!

The other new lamp didn’t look half bad between our two chairs either.

I still want to put up some white sheers inside the purple curtains to soften the windows a bit more, our two lamp tables could use some love, and please let me think of  I want to do something fun with those slipper chair pillows, but we’re slowly pulling this room together. 

By the way, need I mention this makeover was F-R-E-E free?!  Not bad for some spring goal #2 action, huh?

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