The Next 48 Hours…

…are going to be insane.

We just got a call from our flooring installers that they will be dropping off the floors today, starting to remove the tile in our entryway tomorrow, and starting the wood floor installation Friday.  And yes, in case you’re wondering, those are the same wood floors that were supposed to be installed 3 weeks ago.

Close-up Floor by Curtains

That means we need to have all the baseboards pulled up, the laminate floors in the dining room and kitchen out, and the carpet in the living room removed by tomorrow.  Our new baseboards are being delivered today and we’ll be painting them this weekend.   It’s all very exciting but just a little bit stressful having to be ready at the drop of a hat!

Did I mention:
Stephen’s parents are coming this weekend (apologies in advance Adele & Chris!).
I’m helping great friends sell their home on Friday.
And I have my first Advanced Calculus test on Friday (and almost an entire notebook of definitions and proofs to memorize by then)!

Stephen is wonderful and will be tackling most of the flooring removal tonight so that I can study, but if you see us this weekend, please congratulate us on surviving the week!

Thanks for sticking with us and stay tuned for some in-progress photos and before and after shots of our new wood floors!

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