The Heardmont Punch List

Hi y’all! How was your weekend? We stayed in town this weekend and spent lots of time with friends, shopping for vintage furniture (my absolute favorite thing to do), and hosting an open house for one of my listings.

Surprisingly Stephen and I found a few free hours to work on a punch list for our house this weekend, too.  Do you know what a punch list is? It’s where you go room by room and list every single thing that would need to be fixed or replaced in a house before moving in, moving out, or selling the place.

Don’t worry, we don’t have any major plans to sell our home anytime soon, but the time has come to stop living with mis-matched flooring, half-primed wood trim, missing doorknobs and the popcorn ceilings still chillin’ in all of the bedrooms.  We needed a plan.


We spent about an hour on Saturday jotting down all the things we plan to fix or replace at Heardmont, then we assigned letter values to each task. A meant “free fix”, B meant “will cost a little to fix”, C meant “will cost a lot”, and D meant “large investment.” The idea is to go down the list from the fastest, cheapest projects to the larger investments until everything has been crossed off.

Today I thought it would be fun to share our punch list room by room and show you which items got crossed off our list this weekend!

A – Fix front doorknob
A – Touch up knob to garage
A – Paint doorway to kitchen trim (working on it)
D – Replace tile flooring
D – Add white baseboards

Entry After

Kitchen and Dining
A – Replace cream outlets & covers with white ones
A – Find 4th screw for light switch plate
A – Re-caulk and touch-up beam
A – Smooth patches on ceiling
A – Paint trim around doorway (working on it)
A – Touch up cabinet paint
C – Replace counter tops
C – Replace faucet
C – Replace stove
C – Tile a new backsplash
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards

Kitchen After

Dining After

Living Room
A – Paint fireplace screws
A – Replace cream outlets & covers
A – Scrape popcorn ceiling
C – Replace ceiling fan
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards

Living After

A – Add missing outlet cover
A – Clean & paint air return grille
A – Replace string for attic stairs with handle
A – Clean attic fan
A – Paint doorknobs
A – Paint doors & trim (working on it)
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards

Long View Hall Photos

Guest Room
A – Add missing outlet covers
A – Scrape popcorn ceiling
B – Fix leaky window
B – Replace door
B – Replace HVAC register
C – Replace ceiling fan
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards


Stephen’s Studio
A – Scrape paint off window
A – Touch-up wall & trim paint
A – Add closet baseboards
A – Caulk & paint closet baseboards
B – Add threshold trim to closet opening
B – Replace HVAC register
B – Sew & hang roman shades
C – Replace ceiling fan

Guest Bath
A – Paint doorknob
A – Finish painting vanity
A – Paint door & trim (working on it)
A – Scrape popcorn ceilings
A – Paint walls
A – Replace white baseboards
B – Replace faucet
B – Replace light fixture
B – Replace HVAC register
C – Replace counter top & sink
C – Fix exhaust fan

Master Bedroom
A – Patch & touch-up walls
A – Paint doors & trim
A – Scrape popcorn ceiling
C – Replace ceiling fan
D – Replace flooring
D – Add white baseboards

Night Right View

Master Bathroom
A – Paint doorknob

Bathroom After

Master Closet

Closet After

(I’ve gotta say, it’s nice to have ONE room on the list that is completely done!)

You’ll probably notice that switching out old outlets and painting trim were the main projects we tackled after we created our punch list.  It’s amazing how much the list has already motivated us to get those easy projects done and finally out of the way.

Were house projects on your agenda this weekend too?  Do you have a punch list of sorts for your own home?  Do you have super easy projects going on that you just need to take an hour or two to finish?  Try the list – you might be surprised at how much it can motivate you to get the job done! 🙂

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