The Doors of Paris

I was all ready to post another edition of our Paris trip recap today when I realized that all of the photos I’d edited somehow got uploaded to flickr UNedited!  Apparently it happened with our first two recap posts as well, so as I dig back through our photos to fix our previous posts, I decided to share a fun little project I did while we were there instead.

Within minutes of stepping out of our hotel on our first day in Paris, we started noticing colorful doors everywhere we looked.  Luckily I thought to snap quick photos of the fun entryways we passed – and lo and behold, a photo collection was born.

I bet you’ll have a favorite door in the bunch, so let’s make a game of it!  Leave a comment letting us know which door you like best (by using the photo title) and I’ll tally up the votes on Friday to declare the winning Door of Paris!  If you don’t particularly like any of them, leave a link to your favorite door on the interwebs!

Bright Blue Door Sacre Coeur Door
Dark Green Door Apple Green Door
Pink Door Rich Wood Door
Red Door Wood and Gold Door
Dusty Blue Door Teal Green Door Cobalt Blue Door Intricate Wood Door

So which is your favorite?  It seems like blue and green were the most popular paint colors we came across.  I tried my hardest to find a yellow or orange door to add to the mix, but they were nowhere to be found!

Can’t wait to see which one you choose!  I’ll try to pick my favorite too and let you know on Friday.

P.S. If you’re online later tonight and want to stop by Apartment Therapy around, 7pm EST or so, you might see something you recognize from our humble abode!  Eek! 😀

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