The Domino Effect in Our Entryway

There is a suspicious pattern occurring with every piece of furniture we buy for our entryway.  You might remember that it didn’t take long for our green console to end up in our living room when we needed a new TV stand.

Green console before and after

The mid-century credenza we found for the entryway looked great, but as you saw a few days ago, that piece just made its way into our living room as well.

Wood Console Collage

So why does every piece of entryway furniture end up in our living room?

Turns out that both of these pieces were a little too deep for this space, where the front door essentially opens to a wall.  In theory either console should have been fine, but neither gave quite enough clearance for greeting or saying goodbye to guests comfortably at our front door.  (Or even for entering with a backpack or bag of groceries!)

So now the question becomes, what do we put on our entryway wall?  And how do we choose a piece that won’t get relegated to another part of the house in the near future?

Entryway Empty

I think the key is to find a piece that is less than 16″ deep.  It should probably be leggy (to give a sense of open space) and have drawers or a shelf for a bit of storage.  Since it’s the first thing people will see when they walk into our house, we’re hoping to find something that says “Hi, we’re the Heards and THIS is our style” the minute you walk through our front door.



Any of the above tables could work – with or without a coat of paint.  A couple of them are actually build-it-yourself projects, so what we choose will depend a little bit on how brave we feel about tackling actual woodworking.  I’m not necessarily sold on any of them, but we’re getting closer to finding the perfect piece.

I’ve started gathering inspiration for the overall feel of our entryway on Pinterest.  There are a few styles that definitely jump out at us: these next few images all fall into the “graphic” category.


I love the patterned walls and rugs and overall black and white color schemes.  The entry is an area where I’ve struggled to bring in color, so one solution would be to embrace the grays and bring in contrast instead of color.

But there’s still the painted and colorful option for our entry table.  I have loved the green dresser in the first image below since the minute I saw it, but any of the colors used on the pieces below would work with the color scheme in the adjoining rooms.


Do you have a favorite piece or style of furniture from the images above?  Any suggestions for unique entry pieces I could find locally or online?  I’m hitting up Craigslist pretty regularly looking for just the right piece, but no luck so far.  Cross your fingers we’ll find the right piece soon!

(First four photos above are mine; click on any other to be taken to its source!)

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