The Best Closet in the House

Here’s a quick little before and after for you, inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love.

It didn’t take us long to realize, when we moved into our first place over a year ago, that our hallway laundry “closet” was made with 1981 washers and dryers in mind.


Sadly, our fancy front-loading machines (a wedding gift from the Scaifes) were too deep to fit in our laundry closet with the accordion doors closed, so we did what had to be done.  We took the doors off the closet, which solved our accessing-the-laundry problem, but it didn’t do anything aesthetically for our little hallway.

For a little while, we tried to hide the laundry station with a pair of white curtains, but that wasn’t fooling anyone.  Thankfully I picked up an issue of Do It Yourself Magazine one weekend that had a huge article on the duo behind YHL and pictures of their recent laundry room makeover.  After seeing what they did with a laundry closet no bigger than ours, I realized we didn’t need to hide our shiny new washer and dryer behind a pair of cheap curtains anymore – our laundry room could be beautiful too!


No shame in mimicking something great, right?  We started by painting out the closet a happy light green and installing a white tabletop across the machines.  (Sorry for the grainy photo: bad lighting + iPhone camera)

While the hubs was on a business trip one week, I installed some shelf supports in the back of the closet and added 2 linen shelves for some extra storage.


Borrowing a few tips from YHL, we hung some inexpensive bamboo blinds in front of the newly added shelves for a cleaner look.

A few photos from our honeymoon and some clean white accessories along the back of the table top completed one of our best transformations to date!


I especially love the added storage behind those blinds – perfect shelving for linens, detergent, and keeping paint out of the too-hot-too-cold garage.  What do you think of our little update?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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