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Black and White Photo Ledges

You all got a little preview of the project I’m sharing today in my last post. The shelf that our lovely cross-stitch art was sitting on is one of a pair of photo ledges Stephen and I recently built for … Continue reading

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Friday Five

Anybody up for another round of the Friday Five on this crisp October morning?  Do you have your droolin’ shirt on?  Okay then, here we go! 1. Click on over to Living Beautifully to see how boring this bathroom started … Continue reading

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Heardmont History: The Dining Room

This is part of a little series called Heardmont History.  We’re digging back through our archives and highlighting some projects we did before starting “Welcome to Heardmont.” Hope you enjoy! So far you’ve seen our hallway and kitchen, and today … Continue reading

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Tree Trimming with Family: Part I

Welcome back!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We spent the holiday weekend in Little Rock with my husband’s family and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Much of my weekend enjoyment came from chasing around our niece and nephew, seeing our siblings, and … Continue reading

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Tutorial: DIY Curtains from a Bed Sheet

Wow!  I did not intend on being away for so long, but Stephen and I both came down with strep throat on Monday and we’ve been out for the count! Luckily I was able to make a decision and attack … Continue reading

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Let's Take a Vote: Dining Room Curtains

It seems I can’t stick with one project long enough to finish it lately, and last night was no exception!   I completely ignored the photo-less white picture frames waiting for a home, and the half-written post on our trip to … Continue reading

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DIY to Do

Hi everybody!  Hope you enjoyed the weekend.  I’m posting our recent fireplace facelift and the faux beam we installed in the dining room on the DIY Showoff today.  If you’ve gotten weather like we have lately (10 inches of snow, … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Lumber Revealed

A couple weeks ago, we showed you this picture: Then we showed you this: Are you ready to see exactly what we were doing with all that wood? (By the way, be sure to weigh in on what we should … Continue reading

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A Blog is Born

Friends and family, gather ’round! You are now witnessing the birth of the Heardmont blog. Now instead of harassing you with pictures of our latest project, we are going to be putting all the home reno fun in one place.  AND … Continue reading

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