Well my pictures must have left you stumped because only one person was brave enough to guess!  Mom, to answer your question, the fourth picture is how we hung that mirror we found a couple weeks ago.  And in case anyone is wondering, the big makeover belongs to… drum roll please… our master bedroom!

Here’s a quick before shot of the room to show you what we were working with.

Nice big windows and a good amount of floor space, but awful off-white walls and wood trim (like the rest of our house, ha) and mis-matched furniture galore.

Our room makeover pretty much touched every surface you see here – including removing that enormous industrial plotter Stephen scored for free from his old work and then sold on craigslist.

We started the big makeover last Sunday (only 9 days ago? woah) by stripping down the room and moving the biggest furniture to the middle to get covered up with old sheets.  Here’s a shot of just the bare necessities.

Since we were bringing in some light and airy bedding and a mustard yellow chair, we chose a light gray (Behr’s Dolphin Fin) for the walls and stuck with our fireplace color (Betsy’s Linen from Valspar) for the trim.  We spent a good chunk of the day Sunday painting the walls and touching up.

(Not the best pic, but you can see some gray walls and white trim peaking through the wreckage!)

Monday and Tuesday I primed and painted the trim and then followed up with a razorblade to clean up those painted edges on the window glass.

From there, the rest of the “bones” of the room were pretty quick fixes.  We swapped out the tan outlets and light switch for shiny new white ones and updated our spaceship 70s air vents.  Check out the diffusers we’ve been slowly replacing throughout our house!

Slowly but surely, they’re all starting to look like this:

One finishing touch to the basics of the bedroom was to update the ceiling fan.  Now while I would have loved to go a little crazy with the fixture above our bed, I knew deep down we could never get rid of the overhead fan.  Those summer nights would be unbearable!  So instead, we did the next best thing.  We swapped the existing basic glass globe…

for a sweet drum shade that gives the fan a much more modern vibe.

Even though the room was far from done, just a new wall color and fancy schmancy ceiling fan made it feel much more current.  As you can imagine, paint fumes aren’t exactly our first choice for sleep aids, so Stephen, Molly, Tina, and I spent a few nights in our guest bedroom.  Boy were we glad to move back in to our room when it was done!  But that, my friends, is another post entirely =)

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

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