Studio Trim Color Revealed

I’ll spare you the suspense and just get right down to business – Stephen picked high gloss, super manly black for the studio trim.  (Need to catch up on our project?  Click here)

Here’s how it all went down.

After sanding down all the existing old wood trim in the room, we started to paint.  Luckily I learned my lesson with windows when we did our living room trim and knew it didn’t matter if I got paint on the glass.  A handy-dandy razor blade is all you need to fix that.

Once I had a coat on the window and doorway trim, it was on to the baseboards.  We tried to avoid getting paint on our new floors by sneaking brown painter’s paper under the baseboards.  Sadly, any paint that we got on the paper acted like an adhesive and stuck it to the trim.  🙁

Next time, we may try using painter’s tape or pulling the paper up before the paint dries.  If there is a next time. haha.

After the paint dried, we put on a second coat and then went back around and edged everything with our wall paint color to get a nice sharp line.  I don’t use tape to do this, but I know lots of people swear by it.  For me, getting in the painting groove usually makes my lines straighter than if I’d wasted time taping.

After we’d finished our glossy black trim, it was time to switch out our outlets and light switch to coordinate.

Now don’t let this picture fool you… at this point it was about 9 pm on a Sunday night after having starting painting that trim Saturday morning.  The real life version of this picture looks like this.

Yep, nighttime electrical work requires a head lamp, people.  Be prepared.

After we turned the power back on and we were sure all the outlets worked, I was in charge of putting on the outlet covers.

Besides the 4 outlets and 1 light switch, our 1981 ranch featured a lovely ROUND telephone jack in the studio.  Needless to say, not many of our local hardware stores carry ROUND telephone jacks, especially black ones.  The solution?  Spray paint for the cover and a Sharpie for the part attached to the wall.

We weren’t too upset by our DIY black telephone jack cover, especially since it got covered up by the couch anyway.

So do you want to see the room to date?  Here it is!

Admittedly not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it was nighttime and we were just too excited to share the result of a weekend of painting trim!  Still on the to-do list are baseboards in the closet on the other side of the room, installing threshold pieces at the entrance to the room and the entrance to the closet, and (oh yeah) decorating!

So what do you think of Stephen’s color choices?  Modern?  Manly?  Meh?

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