Stirring Up Dust

We’ve never feared change here at Heardmont. You probably could have guessed that based on the fact that we tore out a wall the day we closed, have scraped hundreds of feet of popcorn ceilings ourselves, and have put paint to walls in more ways than one. Not fearing change also applies to our furniture and how we use different rooms, since we’d rather try a layout and not like it than be content with a so-so arrangement forever.

Over the past couple months we’ve been feeling like a couple areas of our living room could use a re-work. Night after night, we’d sit on the couch and look at the furniture we never sat in and wish we used those pieces more. Have you ever found yourself doing that?

Living Room

Recently I got the furniture-moving bug and decided to try something new. First up, this area of seating by the window. This spot can be tricky because the window is practically floor to ceiling, but we’re not afraid to put furniture in front of a window, so here’s how the living room was looking before the change.

Window Area Then

It’s hard to put a finger on what felt “off” but instead of analyzing it, I just started moving things. Remember that chair Stephen found on Craigslist recently? The one in practically perfect condition for $40? I couldn’t just let it sit in the garage, so we found a new home for it in this spot.

Window Area Now

Things were looking good over here, and I could definitely see us taking turns putting our feet up in this little corner in the future.

Next up was the back wall of our living room. This area has never gotten the attention it deserves – mostly because we have big budget plans for this wall and don’t want to purchase “interim” furniture just to fill an empty space. Over the years this area has housed desks, filing cabinets, little benches and chairs, and most recently an antique drafting table and Craigslist chairs waiting for a makeover.

Back Wall Then

Since our Target slipper chairs were relocated from the window area, I decided to try them out here.  Happily, a fun seating area was created.   I can see this spot being used for card games and private chats at many parties in the future.

Back Wall Now Angle

I think the high-backed tan chair that used to sit in the corner will make its way down the hall to our guest bedroom very soon.  And if we don’t like it there, we won’t be afraid to try it somewhere else!

Have you ever moved furniture only to move it all right back again?  Ever tried an arrangement you thought would look dumb and discovered it was perfect for you?  Don’t be afraid to scoot those pieces around and mix things up.  Even if you don’t like the result, at least you’ll know what *doesn’t* work (and have a chance to dust behind the piece you moved!).

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