Staging Tip: How to Fill up that Fruit Bowl

Hi everybody!  I hope you got a chance to check out our kitchen renovations below.  I wanted to share a quick tip I figured out yesterday when I was cleaning up the kitchen for some photos.

Do you have one of those big roomy bowls for holding fruit on your kitchen counter or dining room table?  Do you ever come home from the grocery store and realize you probably should have bought 4x as much fruit for the bowl to look full?

That was my dilemma when I came home with a bag of Cuties (clementine oranges) to put in my white Pier One bowl.

It’s just the perspective in this photo making it look like the Cuties would have filled up this roomy bowl.  The tip for getting this bowl full involves that small clear one you also see below.

Step 1: Find a bowl smaller than your fruit bowl.  Invert it and place it inside the fruit bowl.

You can see here how my small glass bowl is upside down in the fruit bowl.  You can use any kind of bowl for this – cereal bowls, mixing bowls, tupperware, etc. My goal with this clear bowl was to make it as inconspicuous as possible, but a white one would have worked just as well.

Step 2: Fill your fruit bowl with fruit!

It’s that easy.  Once you use the smaller bowl to decrease the space in your big fruit bowl, all you have to do it fill ‘er up!

Now who would have guessed I didn’t buy 4 bags of Cuties at the grocery store?

Here’s a reminder of where the bowl popped up in our kitchen photos from yesterday.  I love my orange kitchen accents – from the pitcher for spatulas and spoons to the Orla Kiely dish towels.  Orange is so fun!

I’m happy to have found a solution that didn’t involve us throwing out half our fruit before we could eat it.  This way we only have to buy fruit we’ll eat and my pretty ruffled bowl still looks happy!

I hope everybody has an awesome weekend!  Thanks for stopping by and see you Monday. 🙂

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