Spring Spiffing

Happy Friday everybody!  I’m wrapping up a week of freedom before heading back to campus for summer school on Monday.  Here’s what Stephen and I have accomplished in the past couple weeks.

We hosted a little get-together a few weeks ago and Stephen took the opportunity to replace some hazardous boards on our deck.  Didn’t want guests falling through!

Deck Entrance Before

Boards to Replace

The deck is much sturdier now.  We still have a few boards to replace and then we plan on power-washing it to help the new and old boards blend a little better.

Deck Entrance After New Deck Boards

Boards Replaced

The downside to spiffing up the deck?  We had to take a trailer-full of decomposing deck boards to the city dump.  Wonderful husband that he is, Stephen let me stay in the car instead of muck around in the gray sludge on the floor of the facility.  I took this photo from the car where the smell was overpowering!


While Stephen worked on the deck, I tackled the numbered flower pots at the entrance of our driveway.  This photo shows how rough those flower pots were looking. The coat of primer and spray paint I gave them this fall was not holding up to the elements, so we decided to try some white enameled pots I found at Walmart.

Old Flower Pots

Hopefully these pre-painted guys will last a bit longer than my DIY version did.  Now I just need to decide what to plant in the new pots!

New Flower Pots

By the way, thanks for all the recommendations on our area rug post a couple weeks ago.  We’re still looking for the perfect living room rug, and your suggestions have helped a lot!  We actually found an area rug for our entryway (pictured below) at Big Lots.  It doesn’t get many points in the luxury department, but the pattern works and it does the job of protecting the floors in the entryway.

Girls Fighting

I’ll share some prettier photos of the entryway soon, but in the meantime, I think we need to have a caption contest for the photo above.  I snapped this shot and sent it to Stephen one afternoon with the text “I think Molly and Tina are fighting.”  What would your caption say?

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