Spring Cleaning Volume 2: Precious Metals and Stones

I’m doing a little series on the blog this week, on tips and tricks I’ve used to clean household items.

Today’s tip is how to clean precious metals and stones – like engagement and wedding rings (or diamond earrings, gold bracelets, and the like)!

I know yesterday I said I like to use products I already have on hand to clean things, but when it comes to my jewelry I break the rules.  Up until recently I was actually never brave enough to clean my wedding rings myself.  I would wait until I could TELL that my rings were dirty and then I would stop by one of the jewelers in the mall to have them cleaned.  I never made it there often enough, and my rings showed it.

Here’s the gunk I was dealing with.

To be fair, the side of my engagement ring was never seen (because my wedding band slides around it), but the diamond itself was still so cloudy from weeks of soap and dirt and grime.  It was especially embarrassing because I wear my wedding rings every day and they’re a great representation of me, my husband, our love and our style.  To let them get gross and dirty was inexcusable.

While hanging out with my friend Brittany one day, I noticed her rings were super sparkly and clean.  I figured she’d just had them cleaned, but she told me about this awesome product she uses to clean her jewelry at home.

It’s Connoisseurs brand Cleaner for Precious Jewelry.  I got mine at Target for about 5 bucks.

The cleaning process is super simple.  Just place your rings in the dip tray (included) one at a time for 30 seconds.

Raise the tray to get your ring out and then brush it with the included brush under lukewarm water.

Dry with a lint-free cloth and watch those babies shine!

It’s like magic!

Quite the difference, huh?

Here is my wedding band after a good cleaning.

And here’s the set back together.

Now there is a cleaning worthy of what these rings symbolize!  I hope to never go back to my gunky ring days.  With a five-dollar solution like this, there are no more excuses!

Anybody else clean their jewelry at home?  Is there a household product you’ve found that works just as well?

I hope you found this tip useful.  It’s great that the cleaner is versatile enough to work on more than just rings.  Thanks for stopping by and check back tomorrow for another cleaning tip!

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