Soy Votive Candles

Hi y’all.  Welcome to the site where “that girl keeps rambling on about gifts she made for that holiday that was, like, a month ago.”

In all seriousness, it was quite the homemade Christmas for us this year.  DIY jewelry, herb-kits, throw blankets, and a whole lotta candles came out of our little Christmas factory in December.

This may be the last present I have to share, and it’s another simple candle gift with a twist.  I came across these red and green votive holders in a nice wooden base at a local shop and knew they’d be perfect for one of my girl friends.

Candle Holders

Since I already had candle-making supplies, I decided to go the extra mile and fill the votive holders with homemade scented candles.

I added the wicks just like I did in our Soy Christmas Candle Tutorial.

Filling Candles

Then I filled the votives with the melted wax, scented with Cran-Apple Spice.

Red Filled

The process was very easy and resulted in a nice set of candles (no store-bought tea lights required).  I’ve mentioned before that we’re big fans of complete gifts, not ones that require additional purchases to use, so pre-filling these votives with candles was the perfect solution.

Filled Candles1

The best part is that once the candles have burned out, she can still use the votive holders with tea lights next year!

Filled Candles2

I’ll admit I have several sets of votives floating around the house that could use some inexpensive homemade candle magic.  Do you?

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