One of my favorite home improvement blogs is Young House Love.  You’ve probably heard me mention them a few times before.  They were the inspiration behind our laundry “closet” makeover and have been featured in several magazines like Do It Yourself.

Well, the other day I was browsing their blog when I stumbled upon this:

Is that not the most adorable modern baby crib you’ve ever seen?   The couple who writes Young House Love is actually expecting a baby girl soon and this is the crib they chose.  It looks even better in their house!

Of course, we’re totally not preggers and not planning on being any time soon, but someday I’d love a little crib like this one.  I think it would go smashingly well with my craft room desk (post-makeover, of course).

 Even if we’re not planning on starting a family any time soon, I can still put bugs in my expecting friends’ ears!  (That’s you, Leslie 🙂

Yay babies!

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