Smells Like Summer

Tonight felt like a night to eat fresh, so we set out to make dinner out of as many fresh ingredients as possible.  After scanning the contents of our fridge, chicken kabobs were the winners!  First step was to wash all of the ingredients and get them all ready on the BIG CUTTING BOARD.


We made our kabobs with chicken, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms, a white onion, and pineapple.  When we have guests and make shish-kabobs, we like to use fresh-from-the-tree pineapple, but since tonight it was just Mr. and Mrs. Heard, Dole did the trick!  The one ingredient we didn’t have that usually makes it onto our kabobs were the cherry tomatoes.  Better luck next time little guys!

Next step was to chop all those bad boys up.  Can’t you just taste the deliciousness?  Well, not the raw chicken kind of deliciousness, but everything else looks good, right?


Finally it was time to skewer those puppies and slap ’em on the grill.  There’s not much method to our madness when it comes to skewering order – but we do tend to keep the chicken to the inside where it will get the most heat on the grill.

Here are our beautiful kebobs sizzling away.  We used a different seasoning this time, Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt, which added a great light flavor to the meal and had (guess what!) no MSG!


Just sprinkled some on the little guys, let them cook, flipped and sprinkled some more.  They were ready to come off the grill in no time (ok, more like 10 minutes, but that’s practically no time).

For a side, and because our poor potatoes are getting soft, we shredded and fried up some hash browns.  We tried to be all authentic and cook them in bacon grease, but it turns out our bacon is too healthy  and didn’t make enough grease to get the browns super crispy.  We’ll know better for next time, but they were still delicious!


This is one meal that definitely smells and tastes like summer!  It reminds us of the good old days, having weekly roommate cook-offs back when Stephen and his roommates lived in “the Vandy House,” a crazy-colored quirky rental in the historic district of Fayetteville.

How about you guys?  Any summer meals that take you back?  Do you have the perfect summer recipe you’d love to share?  Do tell!

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