Smells like Christmas

I sent Stephen on a mission last night to pick up some white chocolate and peppermints for a recipe I wanted to try (I’m sure you will all know exactly what I wanted to make). He was already planning on visiting a particular grocery store near us with a grocery list of his own, and I was shocked when he came home and said that store didn’t have any of my ingredients.  What grocery store doesn’t carry white chocolate and peppermints??? Crazytown.

So even though our dining room doesn’t smell like delicious holiday treats today, it does have the wonderful scent of pine, thanks to a fabulous gift my Grandma sent us.  Can you spot it in the photo below?

xmas dining 2011

Every year, the boy scout troop in my hometown sells gorgeous, fresh wreaths and miniature Christmas trees.  Grandma had this beauty of a wreath shipped to us, and the minute we opened the box our home started to smell like Christmas!


I considered hanging the wreath on our front door, but I like it inside where we can see it all day long.  Hanging it in our dining room was as easy as wrapping a loop of gold ribbon over our curtain rod and tying it around the wreath.

curtains wreath

Our table has gotten some Christmas love recently too.  I lined our frilly white bowl with this red tote and filled it with some of the red and gold ornaments that didn’t make it onto our tree this year.  I still need to add some greenery around the base of the centerpiece to break up all that red, but it’s looking festive so far.


Since our dining room has a much warmer color scheme than our living room, this is where all our red decorations go during the holidays.  I loved this particular wreath because of the red and gold ribbon and pinecone detailing.  It fit with the rest of our decor perfectly!

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for someone who loves the scent of Christmas trees, definitely consider a fresh wreath this year.  This was the perfect solution for us because we couldn’t imagine having a fresh tree on the carpet in our living room (I could never clean up all those needles), but we still get that Christmas scent with a much smaller mess!


Do you prefer fresh or fake Christmas trees?  Any other tips for getting that Christmas tree smell without the mess?  Anyone ever tried hanging pine tree air fresheners in your fake tree a la Pam from The Office?

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