Slate Studio

Howdy everybody!  We’re back for an update on progress in the man room studio.  (It got re-named in the process of getting re-done.  Such a shame, I really got a kick out of calling it the man room…)

Last we left off, we’d finished laying the laminate flooring we purchased with our yard sale proceeds.

Next, it was time to choose a paint color.  Stephen got total creative control over this makeover, so after deciding he wanted a very modern masculine space, he chose Valspar’s Mountain Smoke as the wall color.

This is what the room looked like during the painting process.  Stephen left on a business trip and came home to a gray room.  I think it looked pretty close to what he was going for.

Of course “the band” couldn’t stay out of the studio for long, so we moved some of their gear back in for one of their Monday night rehearsals.

After painting the walls, there was still lots to do – namely craziness with the window trim and baseboards.  Stephen thought outside the box on that one, but it really paid off.  Stay tuned for more man room (ehem) studio fun!

(In more personal news, I listed my first house this weekend!  Please keep us in your thoughts and let’s hope I can keep this up!)

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