Reigning It In

Wow! We owe you guys all kinds of updates!

Stephen and I are still here and are working like crazy towards the end of the semester (me) and the Professional Engineering exam (him).  The big test is coming up this Friday, so wish Stephen luck!!

We have literally not had a chance to finish moving the last pieces of furniture back into our house after the wood floor installation, but in a sense we’re enjoying the wide open spaces.  I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek today at all the goodies we picked up at Ikea on our trip to Denver last month.  Hopefully soon you’ll get to see these things in our place!

Let me tell you – I have to work hard to reign it in when I’m in an Ikea.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I don’t want our house to look like an Ikea showroom… or do I?  This picture makes me think we’ve already gone too far. 😉  Not our house, but our curtains, couch color, and now our throw blanket!  I picked up this beige throw blanket (Ikea Stockholm), and it’s already firmly found a home on our living room couch.

Throw Blanket

I originally picked up this rug (for $20 – who can resist that?) for our entryway, but it was too wide for the space.  Tried it by our sliding glass doors and it was about 6 inches too long.  Can you guess where it ended up?  Stephen’s office of all places!

20 Dollar Rug

Ikea has some of the better faux plants I’ve seen.  Both of our bathrooms are lacking in the natural light department, so I grabbed one of these faux herbs (the one on the left) and plan on using it in our guest bath.  The cream colored pot below was only 49 cents!

Faux Plant

Plant Pot

The last two purchases are the most exciting.  When we scraped the popcorn ceiling in our hallway, we replaced the globe 80s light fixtures with the best looking light fixtures we could find for $30 at Lowes.  Needless to say, we’ve never loved the fixtures we chose (and they burn through light bulbs like crazy), so I’m really excited to see these new fixtures in place!

Light Fixture

And our last purchase?  You guessed it – the Malm Dressing Table for our entryway.  Turns out I didn’t have to wait too long after this post for a trip to Ikea after all!

malm dressing table

So there you have it – a shining example of Meredith reigning it in at Ikea.  Stay tuned for more pictures as we get out the Alan wrenches and put these pieces in place!

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