Ready for Our Close-ups

No, Stephen and I aren’t getting photographed for Vogue anytime soon, but there are a few little areas in our home that are definitely ready for their close-ups.  Consider these sneak peeks of things to come.  The rooms they’re from aren’t done yet, but I couldn’t wait for finished rooms to show you what we have in the works!

First up, a glimpse into Stephen’s studio.  You’ve only ever seen this room empty, but let me assure you it is quite full!  Stephen recently hung this guitar (the one we nicknamed Trash Guitar) on the wall, and I love how beautiful that wood is against the dark gray walls.

Trash Guitar

Moving on to the guest room, I’m proud to say the shelves on our green wall have been organized!  You saw the bottom shelf when I made my thread holder and state art, but now you get to see all three.

Shelving in Craft Room

The shelves are staggered, so just under the second shelf was an empty spot perfect for this inspiration board.  I’m thinking about painting the frame or covering the board with fabric down the line, but for now it’s got a big job to do – keeping up with all my magazine tear-outs and sketches!

Bulletin Board

Here’s a closer look at the second of our floating shelves.  In this small room, pretty things still have to be functional.  The glass vase was the perfect paintbrush holder, and the white box holds all my acrylic paints in tubes.  The framed DIY art was a first anniversary gift from my wonderful husband, and the Bluebird of Happiness was another gift from one of our favorite places.

Second Shelf in Craft Room

On the top shelf we have a thrifted white vase, a set of Reader’s Digest books, and a poem Stephen wrote when he was 7 years old.  Seeing a theme here?  Even in a room we’ve deemed “mine,” I love having little reminders of him on display. 🙂

Top Shelf

Now here’s where these sneak peeks get really juicy.  I spy with my little eye, a map (relocated from our dining room) against a very graphic bit of wall!  Betcha can’t guess where this is!

Map & Stencil

You’ve seen the bedding in our guest room/ craft room before, but if you’ll look closely you’ll see a change in sheets and an interesting background element.  More on that fun project to come soon!

Craft Room Bedding

I hope you’ll forgive me for teasing you with these glimpses of our projects in the works. Like I said before, we’re just too excited not to share what’s been going on around these parts.  Now I’m off to do less exciting things like get the oil changed in my car and make an appointment with a bug guy (summertime always brings unwanted pests to our house). 😛

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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