Priming Up a Storm

Today I figured (since, you know, YARD WORK was out of the question) it was time to continue the dreaded task of painting our hallway trim.  😉

In just a few hours I finished priming the majority of our hallway doors and trim. Here’s the coat closet.

Looking further down the right side of the hall, we have the door to my craft room (still wood), the water heater cupboard (seen previously), the hall bath, and Stephen’s studio.

Here’s a closer look at the newly primed bathroom door and doorway to the studio.

If you’ll recall Stephen chose gray walls and black trim for his music room, so it took a steady hand to prime the outside of this doorway white and not mess up the black trim on the inside.

Across the hall is the door to our bedroom.  Ooh I can’t wait to see the final glossy white coat on these doors!

To the left of our bedroom door is the laundry nook.  I didn’t get to prime the trim on it today, so we’ll save that for another time.

But let’s back up a minute.  You might be wondering why I chose to leave the door to my craft room brown.

Did anybody catch that?  You wondering why I didn’t prime it, weren’t you?

Here’s the reason this door will have to wait.

It needs to be replaced!  The short story is that the first time we ever left our puppy Molly home alone for a whole day (that’s her up in our header), we thought she would need more space than just her metal crate.  We shut her in the craft room thinking she’d appreciate a little more room to stretch out.

When we got home from our day trip, we saw a familiar face (Molly) looking out the front windows.  We ran into the house, and this is the destruction we saw.  She had eaten her way out of this room!  Who knows how long it took her!

(Yes I’m talking about YOU, young lady!)

Of course this is the ONLY thing she ate or destroyed while we were gone.  Figures. 🙂

Luckily the story has a happy ending.  A few months later we started leaving her out in the whole house for half a day at a time, and we finally worked our way up to leaving her out all day long.  We’ve left her inside for probably 2 years now with no issues.

Guess she just got claustrophobic, cooped up in one room all day!

Speaking of claustrophobic, I think it’s time to take ol’ Molly on a walk.  We’re on Day 3 of being snowed in and we’re getting Cabin Fever!  Hope you have a great one and stay warm out there. 🙂

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