Pretty Poppy Pillow

Remember that list of craft project finds?  Stephen and I went to visit my family this past weekend and help my mom with her garage sale, and the whole time I just couldn’t get this pillow project out of my head.  As luck would have it, mom was selling 2 huge chunks of felt fabric – red and tan – in her yard sale.  Oh happy day!

I snatched up that felt and got to work that night tracing circles from a water glass and cutting them out while watching Amadeus with the fam.


I have to admit I did not follow the pillow instructions precisely.  The front and back pieces of my pillow are only about 10×15 inches, and I probably cut about 45-50 circles, not the 60 specified by the pattern.  I was winging it because I had to make this pillow work with the fabric I had!


After I cut out the circles and front and back pieces, the next step was to sew each circle into little “buds”.  Just a few stitches with red thread at the base of the folded circle and I was on my way.


Here’s how the mess looked after I’d stitched up all the buds and prepared to sew them to the front piece of the pillow.


I started at the center of one end, stitching the buds to the pillow cover by their bases.  I stitched a few on with one piece of thread and then tied that thread off and started a new one with a new bunch of buds.


During the course of one Packer game (GO PACK GO!), I stitched all those suckers on the front of that pillow.


Here’s the finished front portion of the pillow.


Because I’m extra finicky, I hot glued the ends of the thread down on the reverse side of the pillow, just to be sure that they wouldn’t pull through the front.  Finally, I was able to sew the front and back pieces together, right sides in, leaving a big enough hole to turn the pillow right side out when I was done.


I flipped the pillow right side out, stuffed it with leftover bird batting, and sewed up the last little hole.  Viola!  Finished “poppy” pillow!


Now the question becomes where to put it?  Entryway perhaps?


For a link to the original tutorial for this pillow, click here, and have fun browsing all of the other How-Tuesday posts at!

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