Pinpointing your style and a generous offer!

How do you keep up with all the bits of inspiration you gather from the world around you?  I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t have a very good system for keeping track of my favorite rooms, furniture, or DIY projects until I joined Pinterest.  Since creating my account a few weeks ago (and chatting about it here and here), I’ve started saving every image that speaks to me and loving the built-in organization the site offers.

Because I never had a good system for organizing these images before, it was completely amazing to me how my favorite trends practically jumped off the screen when viewed en masse.  Take this shot of my House Inspiration pinboard for example:

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 12.28.30 PM

Immediately I noted a fondness for 1) open shelving, 2) organization by color, 3) dark gray walls, 4) orange accents, 5) blue-toned walls, and the list goes on and on!

Just for fun, here are a few of the trends from my pinboards that I’d love to incorporate into our home.  All the sources can be found attached to the photos on my Pinterest.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Photobucket Photobucket

Curvy Upholstered Headboards

Colorful Craft Rooms and Offices

Peacock Hues

Photobucket Photobucket

Wall of Fun Plates

plate wall!Photobucket

If you’re like me and sometimes have trouble pinpointing your style, just try Pinterest for a week. You might just have the lightbulb moment you’ve been waiting for!

Last week I shared a DIY painting inspired by one for sale on Etsy that I saw on Pinterest. In my post, I shared a link to the Etsy shop PaintMeAPicture, where you could go to purchase one of these paintings for yourself.

The lovely Lindsay Hopkins owns this shop and has generously offered a 20% discount on her State Love paintings to Welcome to Heardmont readers!  Click here to visit her Etsy shop and enter HEARDMONT at the checkout to receive your discount.  This offer is valid through May 7!

Wouldn’t these paintings make great gifts for wedding showers, baby showers, or housewarming parties? I hope you all will support Lindsay and a huge thanks to Lindsay for her generosity!

With that, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Stop by next week for some brand new DIY inspiration from around the world!  Curious?  See you Monday!

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5 Responses to Pinpointing your style and a generous offer!

  1. Jenny says:

    Great inspiration! I love the plate walls. I’ve been toying with the idea of creating some open shelving in our kitchen also. By the time I actually get around to doing it, though, I’m sure it will be out of style. Ha! 🙂

  2. YAY! I’m loving the inspiration pics you posted from Pinterest. I’ve been debating a plate collage for the new kitchen, but I’m not sure there’s a good wall for it.
    Search “Skyline” on they have some really neat upholstered headboards for decent prices and usually free shipping.

  3. Alana says:

    Hey, girl! I never really thought that Pinterest might reveal some trends in what we love, but you’re totally right. I just joined myself and am very much looking forward to pinning/organizing my inspirational photos!

    By the way, I have a special surprise for you over on my blog today. Hop on over and check it out: Hope you’ll like it!

  4. I love your inspiration photos! I haven’t taken the time to check out Pinterest, but now that I see how useful it is, I’m going to have to give it a look!

    Starting today, participants are joining me in trying to walk/run as much as we can in the next month for my 100 Miles in May Challenge. If you’re interested in joining, come by for more info:

  5. Candace says:

    Peacock hues!! Woman after my own heart.

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