Pink Lady Lamp

Before I started working on our guest room redo, I took a trip to one of my favorite thrift stores.  It must have been a good day for lamps at that particular store because not only did I find the awesome brassy lamps for our entryway, I also came across this cute pink art-deco number.

Pink Lamp Base

It originally had a dusty pink shade on it, but I only took home the base.  That $12.75 price tag would have typically been a deal breaker, but the fact that it was red tag day totally changed the game.  Why was I so excited about red tag day?  Because all items with red stickers were 25 CENTS that day!!

Pink Lamp Harp

I just couldn’t pass up a lamp base for a quarter, even though the lampshade harp seemed beyond repair.  Luckily with a bit of muscle, I got it back into shape.

I borrowed a drum shade from a lamp no longer in use, and checked out the results.

Pink Lamp Off

L-O-V-E!  After a bit more staging, I actually plugged the lamp in and tested it out (for a quarter I could afford to rewire the lamp if necessary).  Luckily it worked!

Pink Lamp On2

Here’s the dilemma.  Now that my color scheme for the guest room has drastically changed, I don’t think this pink lady will be staying put.  So where should she go?

Maybe in our living room with my Home Sweet Home pillow as company?

Or on my side of the bed in our master bedroom to add a bit of femininity?

Or maybe she should go somewhere else entirely.  What do you think?

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