Pillow Pizzaz

My mom and I were out fabric shopping a couple weekends ago when I came across this lovely cotton print at Joann’s.  It had a great hand-painted feel to it and immediately grabbed my attention since it was basically our living room color scheme in fabric form.


I picked up a yard of the fabric for $6 and whipped up a quick pillow for our high-backed living room chair.

New Pillow Close

This side of the room has been feeling a little flat ever since we took down our Christmas decor, so this pillow was a great inexpensive way to add some pizzaz.  By the way, isn’t that peacock pillow an attention hog?  It shows up everywhere! 😉

New Pillow

For the new square pillow, I just sewed an envelope-style pillow cover for a down pillow form I already had.  Want to make your own?  Here’s a quick and easy tutorial (from a loooong time ago).

New Pillow Far

Hope you like our newest living room addition!  In other news, I survived my first day back to school yesterday and then showed three houses afterwards.  Whew!  Wish me luck on day two today. 🙂

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