Painting Trim

We’ve been hard at work in our entryway this past week, slowly but surely getting rid of all our 80’s wood trim.  Even though we painted our entry and hallway a light gray about a year ago, we hadn’t touched any of the trim since we bought our house.  Here’s what we were dealing with.

I sanded and primed the door frames and window frames.  We decided not to paint the baseboards yet in the rooms that are eventually getting new flooring.  Needless to say, this is one of those rooms. 🙂

Next came two coats of semi-gloss trim paint.  After the trim had dried it was time to get the wall paint back out and cover up messes I made around the edges.  Finally I ran a razor blade around the edges of the two windows at the end of the entry way to ensure a nice clean painted edge.

The last step came this weekend.  I got out the 6″ roller and painted the wood door on the right end of the hallway.  This door leads to our garage, so I only painted the inside.

While I was waiting for the paint on the door to dry, I decided to experiment with painting the brass doorknob.  I grabbed a few other hinges and knobs and got out the spray paint!

I started by roughing up the pieces with sandpaper and laying them out on cardboard in the yard.

Next came a coat of gray auto primer, two coats of silver, and a clear coat on top.

After exercising a lot of patience, here is the finished result!

Now for one last look at the updated entryway Before and After.

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