Painting the Kitchen

So, I never shared these photos with you guys, but when we painted our dining room a few weeks ago, we went ahead and painted our kitchen, too.

As a quick reminder, here’s how the kitchen looked before the new color.

Kitchen Window

And here’s how it looks today.

Kitchen New Color

I’m a huge fan of the new color, especially with our hardwood floors.  Previously, our kitchen was a lighter version of the brown we had in our dining room, but now the kitchen and dining room are exactly the same hue.  I like how the rooms feel even more united now.

Kitchen and Dining

We made a couple other kitchen changes as well.  The DIY roman shade on our kitchen window got dumped in favor of this warm bamboo shade from Amazon.

New Blinds

And, to cool down our accessories a bit, I swapped out the red flowers we’d had in these flower pots in favor of some topiary balls from Hobby Lobby.

Cookbook Shelf

Small changes, but the two rooms feel much more cohesive now.

Kitchen New Color

In other news, we took a trip to the Florida Keys a couple weeks ago for spring break, and sadly, our tans are already gone. We came home to 30 degree weather and snow – then a couple spring-like days – and now endless amounts of rain. The weather in Arkansas just can’t make up its mind!

I’ll be sharing photos from our trip soon, so stay tuned!

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