Operation Spookify 2009: The Party

Friday night, we hosted a Halloween party at Heardmont and had a blast!  Of course the biggest part of any Halloween party is the costumes, and this year we decided to go with some very “punny” costumes indeed.


Can you guess what we were?  Try reallllly hard…

A cow-boy and a cow-girl!  Actually, if you ask Stephen he’d say he was an “urban” cowboy, or maybe a minotaur.  Isn’t he funny?

We got the party started on Friday with some good food (chili cookoff, remember?) and drinks.  Nolen and Brittany brought this lovely cheese ball shaped like a witches hat which was a total hit!


Notice that sparkly black web tablecloth?  Leave no surface untouched, that’s our motto.

We also tried out some spooky beverages – a mango margarita slushie and a blue raspberry drink with a frozen hand floating in it (that was a fun one to make).


I can say without a doubt that we had an ample supply of cupcakes at our little shin-dig.  I made a bunch of chocolate cupcakes with alternating white and orange frosting and purple sprinkles, the Littletons brought strawberry ones, and Cara baked a cake!


What a mess!


I loved seeing all the costumes our guests came up with.  We had Mario and Princess Peach…


A beer garden girl and her tequila man…


A witch and her jedi…


A man riding an ostrich and his just-got-hit-between-the-eyes-with-a-softball wife…


A mad (and sad) scientist…


Along with batwoman and her friend Matt, a jester, “Negative Nolen and B*tchy Brittany”, Lucie and Kyle (dressed as themselves), a 50’s poodle skirt girl, and our very own little clown and zebra…



Tina looks thrilled, doesn’t she?  I wish I had gotten good shots of all the costumes, but you’ll just have to use your imaginations!

After a long weekend of Halloweening and tailgating, we capped it off with a 2010 costume shopping trip (cause you get the best deals on November 1st!).  Want to know what I’m going to be next year?  You’ll just have to wait and seeeeee!  Only 350 ish more days to go …


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