Operation Spookify 2009: Decor Dish


I hope you all had a happy Halloween (with more treats than tricks)!  I wanted to share all the hard work Cara and I put into the house to get it ready for our big Halloween party last Friday.  We spent several hours spinning spider webs around door frames, across windows, over our fireplace, down the hallway and into the bathroom.


You know a web is nothing without its tenant, so we were sure to put some little wiggly guys in the webs.


We also hung orange Halloween mobiles in the hall and placed black garland with white skulls on it across the mantle.  I picked up six (count ’em, SIX!) pumpkins (3 large and 3 small) from a local seller for half off on Wednesday for a grand total of $11.25. 😀  Have I mentioned lately how much I like good deals?  The three baby pumpkies went on the mantle and the three big ‘uns went out by our front door.

I also drew and cut out a big black cat silhouette which we stuck in the front window.


Young House Love came through again with two more decor tricks – bleeding candlesticks and illuminated bat lampshades.  The candlesticks took a lighter, a red tapered candle and two white tapers.  All I had to do was light the red candle and let the wax drip down the tops of the white ones.  Very realistic and spooky!


The bat lampshades just required the black posterboard cut into bat shapes and scotch taped to the inside of the lamp shade.  When the lamps are off, you can’t even tell they’re there!


Arguably the biggest project we tackled was hanging five paper lanterns (my “jack-o’-lanterns” for the year) in our entryway.  We drew a jack-o’-lantern face on one and a bat silhouette on another and left the other three plain.  Command strips (my best friend!) hung the mess.  When they were all lit, they gave off an eerie glow…. ooooooh spoooooky!


Luckily these lanterns were freebies because they were left over from our wedding last year, so the entry decor cost a whopping zero dollars.  Next up, our handmade and witty Halloween costumes (Stephen’s idea, of course) and Halloween weekend fun!

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