On the Hunt for an Affordable Area Rug

Okay, okay, I’m back.  Thanks for worrying about me, you guys.  🙂 In less than one week I’ll be officially done with this semester and then the real fun can begin!  But in the meantime…

We’re 95% moved back into our house after the Great Floor Replacement of 2012, and you can probably imagine we’re on the hunt for some area rugs to cozy up the joint.  I love the look of wide expanses of wood flooring, but we definitely want to protect our new floors in high traffic areas like the living room and entryway.

Whole House New Floors

(Not to mention our couch slides all over the place without an area rug under it!)

I’m a total area rug novice.  Aside from the solid gray rug in Stephen’s office (a whopping $20 at Big Lots), and the yellow and gray Ikea rug for our master bedroom ($199), I haven’t had the need to do much rug shopping until now.

Top of the list is a rug for our living room.  We need something in the 9×12 range, but the price range for a rug that size?  Forget about it.  Big rug equals big price tag.  Sorry fancy rug makers, but $1000 for an area rug isn’t happening.  Mama’s got fall textbooks to buy!

Living Room Now

Our living room kind of looks like this again, minus the big leather couch and shag carpet. Whatever humungo rug we find will probably stay neutral or incorporate blues or greens in a geometric sort of way.  I think we need to steer clear of florals for this one.

I really like this rug from West Elm, featured in a room redo Kristen Krasen just finished, but for $599, Stephen has to love it, and he doesn’t.

 I’ve been scouring the internet for the right rug (geometric prints or neutrals), in the right size (8×10 at a minimum, 9×12 is better), for the right price (can it be done for under $400? $500?) but so far I’m coming up short.

So here’s my call for help.  Do y’all have any suggestions on where to find affordable, quality area rugs?  Have you bought a big rug that you love?  Please share links to your favorite sites and stores and help an area rug newbie out!

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