Nursery Progress

It’s safe to say nesting is in full swing here at Heardmont. I’m coming up on 35 weeks along and starting to get nervous our little girl will make an appearance before we’re ready!

Here’s a little timeline of what’s been happening in the nursery these days (according to my iPhone – grainy photos, but you get the idea!):

Stephen’s sister generously gave us her old crib, but we were missing some of the hardware and were worried about its sturdiness. After some debate, we opted to order a new one.

Crib Before New Crib Gray Wall

We’d originally wanted to keep the gray wall color, but closer to finished the room got, the less excited I was about it. It was just so dark!

So, we decided to paint. We chose a shade of white (Snowfall) in Sherwin-Williams’ Harmony line of paint (no-VOCs). Let me tell you, my 34-week pregnant self definitely did not move as fast or recover as quickly on this project as I would have before the baby bump!

Painting Nursery White Paint in Progress

We left the trim black, and I’m digging the contrast! Here’s a glimpse at one corner of the room before I painted the closet.

Gray Closet

Here’s where things got exciting! After we painted the closet white, I got to start on a fun idea I’ve been itching to try for awhile now – gold vinyl polka dots! I ordered these from Aren’t they fun?

Adding Polka Dots

Gold polka dots and pink tutus? I think we’ve got a baby girl on the way!

Polka Dot Closet

Finally, a peek at the other side of the room. I sewed a black and white striped crib skirt today using this tutorial. I’m planning on swapping out some of the mint and adding a few more touches of black throughout the room, but it’s getting there!

New Crib White Wall

It’s hard to believe our little girl will be here in less than 6 weeks. Guess I’d better finish this room soon – stay tuned!

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