No-Sew Christmas Cape

Here’s a quick little cape I made for our niece (Little G) for Christmas.  Isn’t she adorable (despite the blurry pic)?!

I saw the instructions for the cape on Disney’s blog Ruffles and Stuff.  Did I mention this cape was no-sew?  All it took was cutting fleece into a couple of rectangles (I added a few inches in length to Disney’s dimensions), folding the top rectangle into pleats, cutting some slits and threading a ribbon through.

I also added three pieces of tan velcro inside the front seam of the cape so Little G’s momma could keep the cape shut better on cold days.  That DID take some quick sewing… sorry for the misleading post title everybody. 😉

Here’s Little G in action on Christmas evening.

She decided to replace the hat I made her in favor of her Santa cap.  She is hilarious in that thing.  Right when everybody sat down to start opening presents, here comes Little G into the living room, wearing the Santa cap and carrying a red Crown Royal bag over her shoulder.  She walks right up to me and says “Ho Ho Ho Merrrrry Christmas”, pulls one of her grandma’s monogrammed coasters out of the bag, and plunks it down in my lap!  All I could say was “Thank you!” between the giggles.  I think she’ll be playing Santa at Christmas for many years to come.

I wish I had taken more photos of this cape in the works, but if you’re interested in making one for yourself (or a little girl in your life), hop over to Disney’s blog for instructions!

If you’ve only been reading our blog for a month or so, you’ve probably gotten the impression that all I write about are sewing and craft projects.  So Not True!  Seems like Christmas time always brings out the seamstress in me, but now that we’re heading into the new year you’ll be seeing a lot more decorating and home improvement posts at Welcome to Heardmont.  Stay tuned!

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