New Living Room Rug

Remember our living room rug dilemma?  We’d been searching for months for the perfect rug for our living room – something large and durable with a reasonable price tag to replace our small Ikea dhurrie.

Living Room Now

Just before the holidays, I decided to go with my gut and order the very rug I’d shown in that inspiration photo – the Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug from West Elm.  You might have noticed the change in this photo from Christmas.  Quite the sharp eye you have, if so!

Living Room Xmas '12

The fact that rugs were 20% off the week I ordered ours was a major reason I hit the Buy It button, but I was still worried Stephen might not be a fan.  Happily, when we rolled it out he gave his enthusiastic approval.

Couch New Rug

I love the texture of the rug, and it’s surprisingly soft underfoot.   It’s also been easy to clean and camouflages dog and kitty hair like a champ.

New Rug Closeup

The best part is the size of the thing.  Not only can I put the front feet of chairs on both sides of the living room on the rug now, but there’s a good 5-6 feet of open area that’s perfect for nighttime wrestling with the pup.

Rug Long Shot

All in all, we’re 100% happy with our purchase!

What do you think?

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